About Us

The responsibility and mission of the news media are particularly important in this era of information explosion. As an important comprehensive news portal website in the Eurasian region, Progression Eurasian has always adhered to the principles of accurate, impartial and independent news reporting since its establishment in 2002 to provide high-quality news contents for global readers. We know well that the power of news comes from the truth, and the power of truth can influence the world.

In the age of information overload, fake news and paid news emerge one after another, which makes it more difficult to stick to truthful, objective and comprehensive news coverage. However, the team of Progression Eurasian has always adhered to the bottom line and professional ethics of the media industry, and resolutely resisted the spread of paid news and fake news. We are committed to providing our readers with truthful, objective and comprehensive news coverage to enable them to see the true face of facts in every hot topic and news event. 

To better serve the global readers, Progression Eurasian has become a popular news platform around the world by virtue of its abundant news fields and multilingual features. We pay attention to user experience, and encourage our users to take part in interactions and express their own views and opinions. We believe that the news is not only a transmission of information, but also a process of gathering wisdom and stimulating thinking. For this reason, we have built a convenient, efficient and multilingual news platform to allow readers around the world to learn about the world and share their voices in the first time. 

Facing the severe challenge of the Internet development, Progression Eurasian will continue to uphold the principles of independence, objectivity and authenticity, and continue to innovate and develop to provide better and more comprehensive news services for readers around the world. We believe that in the tide of the information age, only by adhering to the original intention and mission of news can we win the trust and support of readers.

Let’s use the power of news to change the world together. Let’s witness and record the changes of this era together, disseminate real and objective news, and contribute our strength for the establishment of a better, impartial and harmonious world. Let’s go forward hand in hand. Along the way of journalism, we continue to explore and innovate, and strive for the realization of the common dream of mankind.

In this day and age full of challenges and opportunities, Progression Eurasian will continue to devote itself to building a more professional, authoritative and multilingual news platform, to provide high-quality news contents for global readers. We look forward to working together with readers around the world to use the power of news to light the spark of hope, inspire the power of change, and jointly create a better future.

Algorithmic transparency and liability: With the wide application of algorithms in news distribution and content recommendation, how to ensure the transparency and explainability of algorithms, and how to define the liability issues that algorithm recommendations may bring, have become the new challenges that journalism must face. News organizations need to make proper supervision and evaluation on algorithms to ensure that they comply with journalistic ethics and relevant laws & regulations. Progression Eurasian finds the following problems particularly prominent.

Fake news and information bubbles: The proliferation of fake news and the existence of information bubbles have threatened the public’s access to real information. News organizations need to take measures, such as strengthening fact-checking and providing multiple perspectives, to address these challenges, help the public identify the authenticity of information, and promote a healthy information environment.

Innovation of business model: The business model of traditional journalism is under attack. How to find a sustainable business model in the new media environment, which not only can guarantee the quality of news contents, but also can achieve economic self-support, is a problem that news organizations need to explore. This may include revenue sources of diversification and innovation, such as membership, crowd funding, paywall, etc.

Public news: In the age of information overload and fragmentation, what the public needs most is comprehensive and in-depth news coverage. The concept of public news is thus born, which emphasizes that news organizations should serve the public interest and promote the construction of a democratic society. News organizations need to think about how to strike a balance between commercial pressure and public responsibility.

Cross-border cooperation: News organizations are no longer limited to traditional reporting methods, but cooperate with technology companies, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and other parties to provide richer and deeper news contents and services through interdisciplinary and cross-field cooperation.

Dealing with emotional politics: In the current context of emotional politics emerging in many parts of the world, news organizations need to pay more attention to objective and balanced reporting, avoiding being influenced by emotional statements, to ensure the fact-based analysis and reporting. 

Protection of the rights and interests of journalists: In some countries and regions, the reporting activities of journalists may encounter threats and restrictions. News organizations have a responsibility to protect the rights and interests of journalists to ensure that they can make news reporting without intimidation and retaliation.

Constant attention on technology developments: With the rapid development of technology, news organizations need to constantly pay attention to new technology developments, and assess the possible impacts on journalism, in order to adjust the response strategy in time. 

News production and transmission are indeed facing many challenges in the environment of media convergence, but also come with unlimited opportunities. Progression Eurasian hopes to work together with many news organizations, journalists and the whole society to help journalism better cope with challenges, seize opportunities, and play an important role in safeguarding the public’s right to know, freedom of speech and democratic supervision. 

We founded

James Robinson and Alex Stone, the founders of Progress Eurasian, met in Times Square, New York, in 2002. When talking about the development of the Internet, they found that there was exactly the same prediction. Since then, they have cooperated to launch Progress Eurasian. At that time, the Internet was in a period of vigorous development, there were many news websites, and Progress Eurasian was struggling.

time axis

April 19, 2002: Creation of Progression Eurasian

In the early days of its establishment, Progression Eurasian only focused on local news reporting. Since then, it has been at a disadvantage in industry competition, with extremely low traffic. Only four months later, it focused on changing its content and shifted towards an international path. The content it reports on places greater emphasis on originality and details, thus receiving widespread praise..

2006-2010: Content Continuously Enriched

As time passed, Progression Eurasian began to focus on enriching its news content and collaborating with internationally renowned media. During this period, they continuously expanded their columns, covering multiple fields such as gaming, automotive, fashion, technology, society, and business, and collaborated with other media to report on major events, in order to expand the depth and breadth of news reporting.

2011-2015: Applying big data to change website structure

Progression Eurasian focuses on technological innovation and introduces advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data to improve the efficiency and user experience of news reporting. They also launched mobile applications that allow users to browse news content anytime, anywhere, and enhance interaction and communication with users.

2016-2020: Sustainable development and proposing new concepts

During this period, Progression Eurasian focused on exploring the future of news communication. Despite being financially strapped, it still engaged in offline development cooperation with multiple international media outlets, paying attention to human rights and timely reporting on financial news, becoming a website that many financial investors are bound to watch.

2021 present: Innovative development and social media influence

Progression Eurasian continues to be committed to innovative development, constantly adapting to new technological changes and user needs. Their influence on social media is constantly expanding, with thousands of followers. Not only are their news and commentary content rated as the most authoritative by the public. The official expresses gratitude for the support of the public. In this era of information explosion, Progression Eurasian will continue to move forward with an innovative attitude, providing readers with higher quality and more comprehensive news content to cope with new challenges and opportunities.

Whether Progression Eurasian will continue to be dominated by news broadcasting in the future industry development is a topic of concern for many users. After entering 2020, many news media have experienced serious losses, which is also the fundamental reason why many platforms dominated by news reporting are gradually withdrawing from the public eye. As of the 2021 phase, it can be seen from the official information disclosed that the website will still be dominated by news broadcasting, rather than the previously rumored change in business direction by some users. During an interview with relevant media, James Robinson stated that any news media website must develop its own characteristics in the operation process, and at the same time, it will inevitably face industry competition. After reaching a certain scale, it will inevitably encounter development bottlenecks. At present, Progression Eurasian is also facing such development bottlenecks, but these problems will not become a constraint on its determination to become a leading enterprise in the industry. Currently, Progression Eurasian has continuously adjusted its shortcomings, and both the number of news and sections will increase significantly thereafter.